Lyons Film Festival

03/23/2018 – 03/25/2018

Lyons Film Festival/Lyons in its 4th year, is all about the Trailblazer. Pioneers in all areas of craft as well as masters in the fields of athletics like climbing, biking, outdoor adventures…these are the films appealing to the rugged individuals in this mountain town. In the shadow of Longs Peak, nestled below the cliff, lies the village of Lyons. Home to ranchers and farmers, shop owners and bar keeps, brewers and distillers. We are prospectors; prospecting for clients; putting in the long hours and hard work necessary to survive and thrive. We are hearty stock chiseled from red sandstone. Survivors who’ve chosen to rebuild and re-create Lyons following the devastating floods of 2013. Lyons International Film Festival (LIFF) celebrates the individual, the rebel, the outdoor adventurer and the trailblazer. LIFF showcases the stories told by a different kind of trailblazer–filmmakers! The best bass player you’ve never heard of … a race car driver who’s been paralyzed … a woman on a mission to reunite with a memory …films that feature indomitable spirit and chutzpah! Be inspired. Be uplifted. Join us for three days of film, music, and activities that showcase our indomitable spirit. Be a trailblazer. (Lyons) Rogers Hall

Lyons, CO