PSA’s produced on ‘sexting’

In the wake of the widely publicized “sexting” scandal at Canon City High School last November, state Sen. Kevin Grantham of Canon City teamed with Donald Zuckerman of the Colorado Film Commission to produce public service announcements designed to educate and help kids who may find themselves in a similar situation.

The 30-second ads feature different scenarios in which teenagers are seen re-evaluating their actions, with the ad asking the question, “Is it worth it?” The ads should be airing soon.

“It’s painfully obvious, based on this episode, that we as parents and teachers as well as our students need to be more aware of what consequences are by engaging in these activities,” Grantham said. “Since it’s also clear that the sexting phenomenon isn’t limited to one school or community, my hope is that these PSAs can benefit schools across the entire state.”

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