First Wave of Films Announced for 2016 Telluride Horror Show

The first wave of films has been announced for the 2016 Telluride Horror Show, October 14-16 in picturesque Telluride, Colorado (elevation 8,750 ft.).

“Our first batch represents the eccentric mix of genre films you can expect to find at the Telluride Horror Show each year, films that delve into all the nooks and crannies of horror, from the supernatural to the super weird, from funny to frightening, art house to outrageous. The movies thus far couldn’t be more unique: SPRING BREAK ZOMBIE MASSACRE, a hilarious horror comedy that also embodies a dream come true for two young guys who gathered the support of a community to make their movie , RATS, the new doc from Morgan Spurlock with footage that’ll disturb even the most hardened horror fan, THE EYES OF MY MOTHER, a dark, horrifying debut feature from a director who will someday be a household name, TERRIFIER, the long-awaited feature length version of the short film that took the 2011 Telluride Horror Show by storm, true indie gems like MAN UNDERGROUND, ANOTHER EVIL, and the Val Lewton inspired THE GIRL WITH TWO FACES, the haunting A DARK SONG from Ireland, HERE ALONE, a powerful and refreshing take on the zombie genre, the incredibly dark comedy TRASH FIRE from fest alum Richard Bates, Jr. (Excision and Suburban Gothic), and WE ARE THE FLESH, a film that comes with a not-to-be-ignored “Extreme Content” label.” – Ted Wilson, Festival Director

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