Filmmaking in Southern Colorado

In just a few days, The Southern Colorado Film Festival opens at the Adams State University campus. Scheduled on October 13-15, the festival includes students’ film work as well as submitted films from non-students.

Held in the majestic San Luis Valley, the festival is a popular event to many aspiring and seasoned filmmakers. It also offers an internship position for students every year. Christina Vargas, a former student, was given the chance to work at last year’s SOCO Film Festival.

“My experience was great. . .” Vargas said,” I went into the internship not knowing what to expect. I became familiar with the process of a film festival from an idea to a reality.” For most students attending the film festival it is a first look into the world of film festivals. Aspiring small town filmmakers and students compete to have their films viewed by the public and they get to see the creativity of other filmmakers.

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