Show goes on at Elizabeth High

The lights in room C311 dim, and the EZTV 3 “TV Tuesday” all-school broadcast from Oct. 4 flashes up on the classroom’s wall-mounted whiteboard.

Following a brief intro, the six-minute and 46-second broadcast flashes from a humorous public service announcement reminding students to move their cars from the cone zone in time for band practice to a rundown of school events followed by a series of musical montages that offer a view of student life at Elizabeth High School.

The lights come up, the cue for teacher Dan Marcus to guide his Audio Visual III class through a self-critique of the show.

“It’s very important that we as a class watch the finished broadcast from beginning to end even though it’s probably the third or fifth time you’ve seen it,” he says and then turns the critique over to the students. “I’d like our executive producer Michael (Brend) and our producer Hayes (Rodrigue), you guys are going up to do the Plus/Delta on the board.”

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