The Basics of Color in Film and Video – Denver

05/02/2017, 6:30 – 9:30 pm

In this meetup, David Baud will provide you with an introduction to color correction for film and video. We’ll look at your production workflow, from filming to mastering, and see how color can impact the quality of your video.

Location: Westworks Studio: 4100 East Dry Creek Road, Centennial, CO

This is an introductory class that is appropriate for all levels of filmmakers and videographers including producers, directors, editors, gaffers, etc.

Important Basics Covered:

  • The difference between the human color vision and the camera color capture
  • The importance of a reference monitor
  • The tools to help you make color correction
  • Color correction & color grading
  • How to keep your colors right thru production

Denver Media Professionals