Anytime, Anywhere: Filmmaking in Colorado


Film is often viewed as an urban activity, something that can only be done in big cities due to available resources. People may film some scenes in a small region, but sometimes it ends up as green screen material instead. In Colorado, however, that doesn’t have to be the case. The Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media may be centrally located in Denver, but there are plenty of regional and rural film commissions available to help filmmakers make an authentic film, no big city necessary.

Regional film commissions are located almost everywhere in Colorado, regardless of the size of the area it inhabits. There are some regional offices in larger cities, such as those in Boulder and Colorado Springs, and some in smaller regions like Telluride and the San Luis Valley. Each office offers resources to filmmakers in the region, including information on permits, finding local talent and vendors and strategies for working with local officials and community members.

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