The Power of Film: Unearthing Colorado’s Hidden Gems


The use of film is one of the most powerful forces in today’s society. With the power of film, you can influence and make positive changes to society. The Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media recognizes this power, which is why they provide grants to rural communities to create films to increase exposure for their businesses and attractions in the hopes of not only strengthening Colorado’s film industry, but also to increase exposure and tourism interest to the town as well.

Production Grants provided by COFTM to create a town promotion video, Meeker was able to attract the show Nick’s Wild Ride. The show, currently airing on the Outdoor Channel, is about Nick Hoffman, a country music artist traveling the world to explore the places where he hunts and fishes. In addition to showing off his Elk hunting skills in Meeker, he visited local breweries and food joints in the area and praised their quality, even claiming they were the best in the state.

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