The Lyrics Presents Opening Day – Ft. Collins

10/26/2017, 6 – 12:30 pm

The years of hard work are about ready to pay off as we finally open our brand new cinema! Meet us in Old Town Square at 6:00pm on October 4th 26th as we follow a marching band and parade through the doors of The New Lyric. Once we all arrive we’re going to have live bands in Area 52, a mix-master DJ spinning tunes in Space, and freaky fun live video art happening in The Tiki Lounge. After those wrap up at about 11:30 or so, grab yourself a seat and watch one of our all time favorite movies with us: Black Dynamite! Oh, and admission to this big party is totally FREE!

Here is the schedule of events for our GRAND OPENING on October 26th:
6:00pm – Parade Starts in Old Town Square
7:00pm – Parade Arrives at The Lyric/Live Band, DJ, Live Video Art Begins (Also, maybe circus performers.)
9:30pm(ish) – Second Band Begins Playing
11:30pm(ish) – Black Dynamite Screening

The Lyric
Ft. Collins, Colorado