10 Expert Adobe Premiere Tips & Techniques – Boulder

06/06/2019, 6-8 pm

Want to get the most out Adobe Premiere? This workshop is packed with tips and techniques to help you speed up your workflow and take full advantage of some of Premiere’s more advanced features. This class is designed for the casual to intermediate Premiere user.

You’ll Learn The Following Tips, Techniques and Tools:
Customizing Your Keyboard Shortcuts (including a demo of my favorites/setup)
Digging Deep in the Preference Panel to Maximize Performance and Find “Hidden” Power Tools
How to Quickly Balance and Mix Dialog Audio
After Effects Dynamic Linking
How To Use Proxy Mode for Better Performance
Creating Custom Transitions
Go Beyond the “Razor Blade”: When and How To Use the Variety of Edit Tools in Premiere
Animating Still Photos (The Ken Burns Effect)
Nesting: When and Why to Use It
The Essential Graphics Panel

Boulder Digital Arts
Boulder, CO