Color Correction with Adobe Premiere Pro Hands – On – Boulder

02/09/2019, 9-5 pm

Take a deep dive into advanced color correction in Adobe Premiere Pro using the powerful Lumetri Color panels! You’ll learn how to fix your video footage that was shot incorrectly and also how to enhance and color grade good footage to make it amazing!

This all-day hands-on class will explore how to use video scopes to objectively measure the dynamic range of an image as well as the color to ensure the image is not over or under exposed or over saturated. We will run through every aspect of the Lumetri Color Panel from the basics of re white balancing a shot and correcting exposure to singling out individual colors to boost or remove. We’ll also cover secondary color correction for isolating and changing very specific tonal values such as skin tone or perhaps the color of a product. Add a creative stylized look to your footage with the built in “Looks” or mix and match and tweak to create your own unique color grade. We’ll also cover more advanced features like effects mask tracking and animating color corrections to change over time which will give you the skills you need to get the best looking footage possible.

Boulder Digital Arts
Boulder, CO