BDA Digital Salon – Mike Scalisi, Video Editor of The Cove – Boulder

06/19/2018, 6-8 pm

Editor Mike Scalisi will be the highlight presenter at this month’s Digital Salon – Mike was the main editor of the Academy Award-winning documentary “The Cove” by Louis Psihoyos. He’ll talk about how working on a feature documentary has influenced his editing work flow, and how he uses the latest digital tools to deal with large amounts of raw footage to make the most interesting videos possible in his corporate, commercial, and narrative work. He’ll also talk about how the new tools in Adobe’s Creative Cloud has empowered video post-production.

Join us for this exciting evening, as BDA’s Digital Salons are a fun and unique hybrid of schmoozing and networking, art and technology, entertainment and education. These events bring together people from all different disciplines – filmmakers, photographers, web designers, mobile app developers, and many more!

Boulder Digital Arts
Boulder, CO