Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Hands On – Boulder

02/26/2019, 9-5 pm

Spend a full day learning what you need to know to enhance the appearance of your photos in Lightroom’s Develop module and manage your photos in Lightroom’s Library module. The instructor will provide you with practice photos and walk you through the essential steps for processing and managing digital photos in Lightroom.

This class will cover:

Importing photos to a Lightroom catalog
Techniques for organizing and finding photos
Tonal adjustments
Color corrections
Local adjustments
Sharpening and noise reduction
Exporting corrected photos
Since Adobe now bundles Lightroom with Photoshop in the Creative Cloud Photography Plan, this class can help clarify when and why you should take your photos from Lightroom into Photoshop. And when not to do so.​

Boulder Digital Arts
Boulder, CO