Colorado Springs area has been setting for films, commercial shoots, reality

If you’re anywhere near a window, you probably have an understanding of why Colorado Springs is a desirable place to film a movie.

Our picturesque town has in recent years been no stranger to the film industry but is more often the backdrop for commercial shoots, television and reality TV shows, according to Amy Long, chief innovation officer for the Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau and a liaison for the Colorado Springs Film Commission.

Colorado wasn’t always so desirable a backdrop but has become more inviting since 2012, when the state Legislature agreed to fund a program to offer filmmakers up to a 20 percent cash rebate and a low-cost loan. And that rebate is offered only if a production company hires more than half its crew from inside Colorado.

Still, “We don’t have the staff and budget to compete with big locations that can offer 30 to 40 percent incentives” such as parts of Canada, Long said. Nonetheless, the Pikes Peak region was the setting for three recent bigger-budget films:

The upcoming Netflix film “Our Souls at Night” – based on the novel written by late Colorado author Kent Haruf and starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda – filmed for several weeks in a west-side neighborhood before moving to locations in Cañon City and Florence.

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