Haunted by Its Past, Will the Stanley Hotel Have a Happy Ending?

The zombie invasion was sudden and swift. There were at least a hundred of them, with gaping flesh wounds and bulging eyes, moaning and dragging their feet as they scoured their surroundings for fresh brains.

It was an alarming sight for the bride and groom who happened to be taking wedding photos high up in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, poised on the steps of a 106-year-old hotel. And then the wedding couple was approached by two very specific zombies: a pair dressed as a bride and groom, drenched in blood.

But while the invasion might have been sudden, it was no surprise. That weekend, the Stanley Hotel was hosting the 2015 Stanley Film Festival, a horror extravaganza complete with a zombie crawl. The Stanley’s management had asked the real bride and groom whether they wanted to change their reservation so as to not overlap with the festivities; they’d declined. In fact, the newlyweds later informed the Stanley that they loved how their wedding was made so memorable. They even invited the zombie bride and groom to join them in their wedding photos.

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