Problem of Teen Suicide in Colorado Springs Tackled by Youth Documentary Filmmakers

The film intensive was founded in 2013 to train young people ages 14-18 how to direct and produce their own documentary films. A dozen out of 45 applicants were selected for the free seven-week training in June and July. “Suicide is a prevalent issue in Colorado Springs,” Hunter says. “Colorado has the highest suicide rate in the nation and Colorado Springs has the most suicides in the state, especially youth suicides. It’s prevalent at my own high school. It’s an issue a lot of people don’t really know about. I wanted people to understand and feel a personal connection to it.”

Hunter used her film as a way to work through her own grief and hopes to show it to school administrators. “I want to work with schools and get them to be aware of suicides and depression,” she says, “and work with teachers so they can also recognize the signs and teach students coping mechanisms to deal with school because it’s stressful.”

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