Incentive Procedure

Applying for Colorado’s film incentive is easy.  Our incentive is a cash rebate of up to 20% of qualified local expenditures.  Checks will be issued no later than 45 days after receipt of CPA audit and other required documentation.

To be eligible, a Colorado production company must have qualified local expenditures of at least $100,000. An out-of-state production company must have at least $1 million in qualified local expenditures (the exception being television commercials and video game productions, which must have qualified local expenditures of $250,000).

Productions must hire a workforce (cast & crew) comprised of at least 50% Colorado residents.

All productions considering a film incentive rebate must be approved and have a signed contract before beginning
 principal photography.

Please review all procedures and definitions thoroughly.

1. Applying

  • To begin the application process, submit a pre-application or consult with the film office at 303-892-3840.  Our funding is limited and therefore projects will be selected on the merits set forth in the application and not on a “first come first served” basis
  • Submit the Statement of Intent & Application for Conditional Approval, once reviewed by the COFTM staff, you will be notified and provided with a formal application
  • Approval –  each project make must gain approval from the Colorado Economic Development Commission at a designated monthly meeting. The schedule can be found here.
  • Register or confirm Good Standing with Colorado Secretary of State
  • Contract – A fully executed contract must be completed before incurring expenses eligible for the rebate

2. During Production

  • Declaration of Colorado Residency – this form must be used during the course of production activities to maintain proper records of the percentage of Colorado residents employed on the production
  • Set-Up Colorado Withholding – Colorado income tax must be withheld for wages to be considered a qualified local expenditure (issuing 1099’s is not sufficient proof of withholding).  If non-resident cast or crew members are being claimed as an eligible expenditure, Colorado income tax must also be withheld

3. After Production

  • Audit – The production company must retain a Colorado Certified Public Accountant to review and report in writing, and in accordance with professional standards, the accuracy of the financial documents of expenses incurred during Colorado production and figures reported in the Film Incentive Proof of Performance. The CPA must be certified by the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media and review the COFTM CPA Agreed Upon Procedures. Download a sample audit
  • Submit a Film Incentive Proof of Performance
  • Certification – Sample Certification Letter
  • Download the Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media logo for end credit acknowledgement: Full Color, Reverse, B & W
  • Additional Materials – Please refer to the Film Incentive Proof of Performance Checklist for other materials that must be submitted

4. Legal

More info

Filming in Colorado is unforgettable.  That’s why several notable productions have used Colorado’s new 20% rebate program, including The Hateful Eight, Furious 7, Cop Car, Being Evel, & Universal Sports Network.  

Our Experience

Don and his team are first-class professionals. They welcomed Universal Sports Network to the state of Colorado by making the filing process painless. Since moving our operations to the state in 2013, the 20% rebate program has enabled Universal Sports to create jobs, expand our production capabilities for original shows including Podium360, Countdown to Sochi and USA Rugby Rising, and provide enhanced coverage for local events such as the recent FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.

— Janet Brown, CFO Universal Sports Network